Antique reproduction half doll "Catherine"  approx 6cms tall

painted in pale bluewith pink trim






Antique reproduction half doll "Miss Avery" painted in deep blue/green and trimmed in dark blue with decals.  Her hair is blonde and eyes light brown.





Antique reproduction half doll "Donna" 9.5cms

painted in blue,  with decals.






Antique reproduction half doll "Donna" 9.5cms

painted in pink, trimmed in deep pink with decals.







Half doll "Gabriella with Hat.  This half doll was made from one of my antique half dolls with hat added. She comes in two sizes - 10.5 and 12.5cms @  $70.00 and $80.00 respectively.

The half doll pictured is 10.5 cms tall and painted in green with gold trim and decals, carries a lipstick and mirror and has added porcelain hand made roses on her hat.




Antique reproduction half doll "Lillian" 7cms tall is

painted in green with deeper green and gold trim and decals.





Antique reproduction half doll "Maddie" 9cms tall painted in pale and deeper pink with gold trim and decals.  An older fashioned half doll.





Antique Reproduction half doll "Miss Lucy" 8.5 cms tall is painted in deep cream with decals and hand made porcelain roses in her blonde hair - eyes lght brown.

This half doll is available in a larger size approx 10 cms.


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05.05 | 01:29


I would like to buy this mold:

10 cm all bisque body with 4 heads - 2 boy, 2 girls

Could you send me a picture of what the dolls or the mold looks like?

26.10 | 05:20

I was wondering whether you sold the Rainbow True cut crystal bead size 11. If not how do I go about purchasing 7 hanks of true cut crystal 11SB212-C

17.09 | 05:13

Hello Jenifer, If you wish a special order the time frame is about 6 weeks from receiving the order. We sell on etsy - google - Chessington dolls on Etsy.

17.09 | 04:43

How long does an order take to be fulfilled before posting?